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Penalty and Interest Estimator

This form is to help you estimate your penalty and interest. Please make sure to choose the correct tax type before entering your information. Contact us if you have questions that aren't answered on this website.

Calculate penalty and interest

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Choose the tax type
Income tax for individuals
Forms 40 or 43
Income tax for businesses
Forms 41, 41S, 65, or 66
Sales or use tax
Form 850
Withholding payment
Form 910
Withholding annual reconciliation
Form 967
Enter your tax due

Enter the amount of tax due according to your tax return.


Learn more about a valid extension of time.

Enter the amount you paid by the due date

Enter the amount you paid by your return's due date.


Indicate due date and filing date

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Your estimated penalty and interest
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Item Amount
Tax due $
Payments by/on due date - $
Net tax due = $
Penalty + $
Interest + $
Estimated total = $

Did you know

  • In many cases, your penalty can be greatly reduced by filing your tax return on time, even if you can't pay.
  • If you e-file your tax return, your penalty and interest will be calculated for you when you file.
  • This is our interest rate table.